Complete Skateboard Highboards Mamik

44900 AMD

Everything started and continuing around Vardan Mamikonyan !

“Mamik” Deck is the very first Armenian skateboard  made from high quality 7 ply Canadian maple.


Introducing the “Mamik” skateboard  – a tribute to Yerevan’s skateboarding origins around the Vardan Mamikonyan statue. This Skateboard blends history with modernity, featuring Mamikonyan’s statue amidst vibrant Yerevan surroundings.

With a palette inspired by the city’s energy, the “Mamik” Skateboard captures urban vibrancy in rich cobalt, gray, blue, and orange. Engineered for performance, its meticulously crafted concave shape ensures control for executing tricks and turns.

Embrace the legacy, ride with Mamikonyan’s spirit, and contribute to Yerevan’s evolving skateboarding heritage. The “Mamik” Skateboard symbolizes cultural fusion and the enduring connection between tradition and skateboarding.

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